The Studio Series: Edition III - Get To Know Artist Linda Colletta

Bringing you edition III of the studio series with CT based artist, Linda Colletta. She shares with us her inspiration and creative wisdom. To shop Linda's 8 original paintings the come with a limited, numbered pair of "Colletta" earrings, click here.

LH: Tell us about your creative process. What inspires you?

Linda: My core inspiration is always color. Every piece begins with a color, or a combination of colors that ignite in some magical way. Recently, I’ve been exploring form and line. I am endlessly fascinated by places where man & nature meet...like a telephone line across a skyline at dusk or a tiny patch of grass in the middle of a cement jungle or a fence making the end of a rolling field. The line against the form is not only a source of beautiful abstraction but also speaks to our futile attempts as humans to contain or control this wild world. It makes me giggle every time. And it reminds me to just let go.


LH: We love your use of color! Do you have a favorite? 

Linda: BLUE! Specifically a blue called Payne’s Grey, it is almost a black blue but when watered down bits of teal and turquoise show through. Obsessed.


LH: What do you do to get in the creative zone?

Linda: Embarrassingly, I clean. I’m a bit anal. Everything needs to be in its right place in order for me to get started, so that’s typically where I start, and then I make a big mess, and rinse and repeat!


LH. When you're feeling a creative block - any tips to get out of a funk? 

Linda: For me, sheer force. I MAKE MYSELF DO IT anyway and despite myself! And even if all that comes out is shit, I just keep going, I just literally force myself and almost always it busts me through to the other side pretty quickly.


LH: What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Linda: Just paint. It doesn’t haven’t to mean anything. Stop listening to yourself to intently and just paint and don’t ever stop.


LH: Favorite way to unwind?

Linda: Grey’s Anatomy, Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex and Westworld! I am a drama junkie!


LH. Any hobbies outside of art?

Linda: Not really a hobby, but I am endlessly interested in my own personal growth and development as a better human. I do a lot of work on myself to get happy, stay happy and fulfill my dreams. I’ve worked regularly with a life coach since I was 18 and its some of the most important work I’ve done in my life. So grateful for the Handel Group, my life coaches.




Recently we had the pleasure of hosting blogger Grace Atwood of the Stripe in the Loren Hope Studio. We’ve always been a huge fan of Grace not only for her down to earth personality and killer sense of style but her love of everything DIY.

We don’t often share the behind the scenes of our process, so it was a treat to invite Grace (and her mom) to see how Loren Hope jewelry is made. Grace did a great blog post on her visit and shared some of the history of the Rhode Island jewelry industry here.  We set up a station for Grace to pick from that included different beads, settings, chains, links and other components from our library and let her get to work creating her own piece of jewelry.

Once Grace decided on her stones, Loren talked her through the process of design. “It’s a practice of considering form, color, texture, practicality and functionality. This is the part of my job I love. Just get creative and let yourself play. If you don’t like it, try something new!” explained Loren. After a little practice, Grace was a natural, laying out stones and deciding on a color palette for her pendant necklace.


Loren Hope Studio-15

Loren and Grace talked through her design and played with various layouts of different color stones and chains. Once Grace decided on a design for her pendant a member of the LH team went to work soldering her piece in the studio.

Loren Hope Studio-16

Loren Hope Studio-17

After the pendant was soldered we showed Grace how stones are hand set using traditional methods. The same methods we use on all of our LH pieces.

Loren Hope Studio-19

Loren Hope Studio-20

Grace even took a turn at setting some of her own stones. We then sent her piece off to be plated at one of our Rhode Island factories.

Loren Hope Studio-21

How pretty is the finished product?! You can see the pendant necklace styled by Grace and featured in her recent blog post. We love her choice of stones – the color combination of transparent, blush vintage glass stones against the main opal center stone paired with masculine, geometric box chain, makes for a feminine cluster pendant that goes with literally everything (especially navy) and feels truly artisan and special. Two things we can get behind.


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The newest season of Loren Hope is so full of colorful sparkle it’s hard not to get lost in the stunning imagery and gorgeous designs featured in the latest lookbook. But what you may not see is all the preparation, research and hard work that goes into creating a cohesive collection that excites and inspires. What starts as a simple idea blossoms into wearable art. Here’s a peek behind the scenes with Loren, from start to finish, of the SS16 collection.

Vintage Magazines

1. What sparked the inspiration for this collection?

I was flipping through a 1960’s fashion magazine, McCall’s,  and a flooring advertisement featuring a Hawaiian Lanai caught my eye. I looked at it and thought, “Hawaii could be really fun.”
2. Do you start with one piece or do you envision an entire collection when you’re designing?
I pick the color palette first, then individual pieces start coming to life. I typically start with one design and then it slowly evolves into more pieces in a family. I’m often amazed at what happens once inspiration strikes. The Eden collection began with these funky lattice shapes and then blossomed into multiple pieces from there.
3. How do you pick a color palette?
I am very responsive to and intuitive with color. It’s important that not only the colors follow my inspiration, but that the colors are also fashionable at the time. In the case of this new collection, I pulled colors from Hawaiian botanicals that I felt also complimented one another.
4. How do you feel your designs have changed/evolved since the last collection?
Each season I try to do something new and explore a new territory in construction. The challenge excites me. Each piece has nuances that have to be worked out, so in a way, each new piece can have its hurdles. This collection, I explored a hand-painted technique on the metal to create a two-tone effect on some of the pieces. The result is a glowing matte gold against black pavé areas. I think it gives the pieces dimension and brings out their architectural lines. This collection is more feminine and more colorful than my last. Overall, I’m really happy.
Loren Hope VW Van

The 1977 VW van, “Mango” we used as a mobile changing room.

5. What was your favorite thing about Hawaii?
That’s hard. I’d say the incredible scenery. Driving along the road with the Pacific ocean on one side and these insane mountains on the other. It felt like being another planet. Also, the shrimp trucks along the North Shore. SO good!

Shrimp Shack, one of the many shrimp trucks along the North Shore

6. Any tips for those planning a trip to Oahu? 
Rent a house and a car somewhere out of the city if you want something low key. It’s an island, so you can’t get lost. Wander around and bring your bathing suit and a towel in case you find a cove you can’t resist. Get ramen in Honolulu at Lucky Belly. Pull over and watch the incredible pounding waves of the North Shore. Take the drive from the south west part of the island up along the highway to the North Shore for the most amazing views.  Talk to the locals – they always recommend hidden gems!
Loren Hope Oahu Hawaii Collage

Aloha and Mahalo, Hawaii! Until next time…

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Holiday Style

With the holiday season upon us, we asked a few of our favorite style mavens to talk holiday traditions, the perfect red lipstick (we now have four new shades on our list to try) and their favorite ways to accessorize for the season. Read on to see what these fabulous ladies are excited about for the holidays.


The always stylish DYI Queen and mom to @tyrionpuff the cat, New York City-based Grace Atwood chats with us about what gets her excited for the holiday season.

LH: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

G: Christmas! But only because this year my whole family will be together… it gets tricky coordinating schedules as my two sisters are married!

LH: What’s your favorite dish for the holidays?

G: That’s so hard! I would probably say my mom’s popovers, which is a side, but they are just so good. And I always look forward to my dad’s lamb on Christmas morning.

LH: Do you have a go-to red lipstick for the holidays?

G: Easy! Nars Heat Wave.

LH: And your favorite holiday tradition?

G: My parents have a restaurant and have to work Christmas Eve. Once things wind down, we go out into the restaurant and have a late dinner together… and drink my grandfather’s (famous—at least on Cape Cod) eggnog. I look forward to that dinner (and the eggnog) all year long.

LH: Any holiday style tips to share?

G: My personal style is pretty classic, but I love using sparkly pieces (especially an oversized statement necklace) to dress them up. Try a sparkly necklace under the collar of a plaid shirt, or pairing two similar (in hue) but different (in length) statement necklaces together for something more dramatic.


Grace wears the Lorelai Pearl Collar and Chloe Double Row Stud Earrings


If you’ve ever looked for a bar cart, then Roxy Te needs no introduction. Founder of Society Social, she handles design and decor like a boss! Read on for her fave ways to wear the holiday spirit.

LH: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

R: Thanksgiving. Yum!

LH: Do you have a favorite red lipstick for the holidays?

R: NARS Dragon Girl.

LH: Favorite holiday cocktail (we’re sure you have a good one!)

R: Gin & Tonic forever, but throw in a splash of bubbly and lemon—AKA the French 75!

LH: Favorite holiday tradition?

R: At our Christmas brunch, my mom gifts each one of us a handmade ornament. I’ve kept every one since I was a little girl. She hopes that one day when we have families of our own, we’ll have a keepsake collections of ornaments from our childhood to share with our children.

LH: Any holiday style tips to share?

R: The sparklier, the better. When it comes to jewelry, layer it up. You can’t go wrong!


Roxy wears the Arista Petite Necklace in Grey Opal, the Sylvia Necklace in Ice Blue, our signature Carly Bracelet, and classic Sarra Cuff in Ice Blue


As stylish as she is sweet, New Orleans-based beauty Jenn Palpallatoc shares what she’s looking forward to this month…

LH: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

J: Thanksgiving.

LH: Favorite red lipstick for the holidays?

J: Urban Decay After Dark.

LH: Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?

J: Visiting all four sets of our families all in one day, just like the movie Four Christmases!

LH: Any holiday style tips to share?

J: I love wearing my Loren Hope Chloe Studs with turtlenecks because they instantly add that glam factor and put a twist on warm and cozy looks. I also love stacking on my jeweled bracelets and the Tri Tassel Necklace with simple black dresses.


Jenn wears the Tri Tassel Necklace, Tri Ear Jackets, Marley Cuff in Brass and Silver, Alex Mini Cuff bracelet, and stackable Clara Mini Bracelets.


Queen of Prep, Connecticut-based Julia Dzafic talks her go-to holiday cocktail and favorite traditions.

LH: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

J: Thanksgiving all the way. So much less pressure!

LH: Do you have a favorite red lipstick for the holidays?

J: Mac Russian Red.

LH: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

J: The night before Christmas Eve, my family always hosts “pizza night” where we (you guessed it!) make pizzas and drink lots of wine. It always becomes a competition for the best recipe. Wait until you see what I have up my sleeve this year!

LH: Go-to holiday cocktail?

J: I make an Old Fashioned with squeezed juice from a clementine and a clementine rind.

LH: Favorite holiday dish?

J: Pecan Pie for days. My aunt makes it with dark chocolate chips and it’s divine.

LH: Any holiday style tips to share?

J: Mix and match your plaids! Try a Buffalo check clutch with a plaid oxford shirt or a gingham oxford with a plaid blanket scarf. Add a bit of sparkle and it does the trick every time.


Julia wears the Waverly Necklace and customer-favorite Abba Earrings in Crystal


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Lulie Wallace + Loren Hope Collaboration "Flowers for June"

Introducing the Studio Series Part II. We are so excited to announce the arrival of the second Studio Series collaboration between Loren Hope and artist Lulie Wallace. Read on to learn about this exclusive collaboration and the inspiration behind the art.
"Flowers for June" Necklace by Loren Hope, inspired by the original painting by Lulie Wallace

About Lulie

Lulie Wallace is an artist based in South Carolina whose art reflects the things she’s attracted to in her everyday life. Inspired by bright, vibrant colors she finds inspiration in everyday items like a vintage Kilim rug or an usual print. Loren was immediately drawn to Lulie’s work because of her use of bright colors and playful aesthetic. Lulie’s passion and excitement shows in her work, and it’s one of the many reasons Loren was so inspired to create something beautiful to compliment the “Flowers for June” print by Lulie. 

Charleston, SC Artist Lulie Wallace

Q & A with Lulie:

How did you get started as an artist? 

I’ve always been interested in art since a young girl and decided to major in studio art as a freshman at The College of Charleston. I loved my experience there and after my senior year of college, I contemplated going to graduate school for graphic design. I thought I’d give painting a try for one year and if it didn’t work out then I’d go back to school after that. Year by year, I felt more and more encouraged about what I was doing and my business has evolved ever since!

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Friendly, joyful, bright, quick, thoughtful, eclectic and not afraid of the dark.

What’s your favorite time of day to be creative?

2:00, I know it’s really specific but everyday if I start painting then I know I’m able to take care of something significant. 

Anything you do to get you in the creative zone/mindset?

Everyday looks a little different, sometimes I listen to books, sometimes music and sometimes I literally listen to the ocean from a sound machine. It all depends on my mood!

What are your hobbies outside of painting? 

I really enjoy cooking and traveling.

What’s your number one place to travel to? 

Big Sur, California. It would definitely be my number one place to travel to right now!

Lulie Wallace in her Charleston, SC studioLulie Wallace in her Charleston, SC studio

Loren’s inspiration behind the necklace: 

I have been a long time fan of Lulie’s work. She has a signature style that you can spot from a mile away. I particularly love her use of color and how she interprets flowers. Her pieces always feel animated and full of life, and they are just so happy. As soon as I saw the piece, ideas started flowing. 

Loren Hope's color palette, inspired by Lulie Wallace's original painting, "Flowers for June"

To make her piece, I knew I wanted to bring out the warm, rich hues that anchor it, while still putting pops of unexpected colors that feel spontaneous like Lulie’s work. I arranged the stones to play off the elements of the painting – for example the deep blue stones at the bottom center are pulled from the vase, while the top of the pendant feels abstractly botanical, the topaz navettes also mimicking the background blocks of yellow stripes. I loved this boxy chain that has hard lines mixed with small spheres. I topped each link of chain with these beautiful, vintage glass cornelian cabochons. The piece is a mixture of vintage stones, hand colored glass, Italian marbled resin, and genuine tigers eye. To give it warmth I had it plated in gold, and to bring out the colors of the stones we gave it a hand-antiqued finish. 

Loren Hope Studio Series "Flowers for June" Necklace with Lulie Wallace

To shop the “Flowers for June” Studio Series Necklace click here. The piece is limited edition, only 10 necklaces were made, and each has been numbered. Each necklace includes a print of “Flowers for June” by Lulie Wallace.

Loren Hope + Lulie Wallace Studio Series Necklace and Print

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Inspired by the fan favorite Kaylee stud, Loren designed the Kaylee necklace as a piece perfect for layering.

The new style sparkles from every angle and we love how blogger Jess Kirby wears it with denim and a cozy fall knit. Our favorite way to style it: pile them with the Arista necklace for an extra glam look day or night. Paired with the Arista bracelets they instantly elevate any look. Our motto: you can never have too much sparkle.

P.S. See our style post from last week styling pieces from the tri collection.

Shop the Jewelry: Kaylee Necklace in Amethyst & Iridescent // Arista Petite Necklace in Purple Opal // Arista Bracelet in Iridescent & Crystal

Shop the Outfit: Sweater // Shirtdress // Denim


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fall layers, camel sweater coat, loren hope tri pendant

As the weather cools down we’re cozying up in this season’s warmer hues in neutral shades. Some of our favorites from the new collection are the geometric “tri” pieces, perfect for layering with dresses, sweaters, button downs and denim. Styling some of her must-haves, we asked blogger Jess Kirby what she loves about the new collection.

“The tri pieces to me are the perfect combination of delicate, feminine and slightly edgy. They’re so wearable and easy for everyday, and they instantly elevate any outfit.”

Paired with gorgeous fall neutrals in olive and camel, we couldn’t agree more! Stay tuned next week to see another way Jess styles this shirtdress, a definite fall staple.

Shop the Jewelry: Tri Necklace // Tri Pendant Necklace // Kaylee Studs // Arista Bracelet // Alex Mini Cuff // Xena Bracelet

Shop the Outfit: Shirtdress // Sweater Coat // Ankle Boots

loren hope alex mini cuff, loren hope arista bracelet, fall neutrals sweater coatloren hope tri pendant necklace, fall layers, shirtdress loren hope tri pendant necklace loren hope bracelets, balayage blonde loren hope kaylee studs, loren hope tri necklacefall layering, brown ankle boots

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Last week we had the distinct pleasure of visiting one of our favorite local spots, the Matunuck Oyster Bar. Owner Perry Raso gave us a tour of the Oyster Farm on Potter Pond in East Matunuck. Perry’s passion and vision is clear when you talk to him about his business. He started digging littlenecks at 12 years old, now, he’s turned his dedication for sustainable farming into a thriving RI business. Perry took us out on the water to show us the shellfish nursery and the process of cultivating oysters which to maturity can take anywhere from 2-3 seasons. Below, Matunuck Oyster Farm employees sort oysters putting the market ready ones in bags for the restaurant and various other locations throughout the state and country that sell Matunuck oysters. Oysters are continuously sorted by size and re-distributed for the best growing environment. Our next stop on the tour was Potter Farm. In his commitment to farm to table, Perry took it one step further with his own vegetable farm in Matunuck, right around the corner from the Oyster Farm. The property was originally owned by Captain John Potter in the 18th century, where a vegetable farm was operated and used for trade. Today, they grow everything from herbs to salad greens, carrots, tomatoes, beets, cucumbers and so much more. Perry’s commitment to responsible and organic growing techniques continues with the vegetable farm where they use green initiatives whenever possible. The vegetable farmers use non-chemical, responsible and organic growing techniques. All vegetables are grown directly from seeds. In the greenhouse tomatoes grow to the ceiling. Those same tomatoes were in the salad we ordered at lunch later that day! We finished off our tour the best way possible, with fresh Matunuck oysters. Perry described his oysters as “crisp, briny with a sweet finish.” Trust us when we say, they’re the best oysters we’ve had, anywhere. Perry is a passionate and inspiring entrepreneur, keeping jobs in RI and growing quality, affordable food with a commitment to quality, sustainability and our community. If you’re looking for a great place to visit when you’re in RI, Matunuck Oyster Bar is a must see!

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When I graduated high school 13 years ago, my Grandmother on my Mother’s side gave me a small sum of money as a graduation gift. I put the check in my savings account, not really sure to do with it. Two years later I started getting serious about designing jewelry, and so I decided to use the money she gave me to start my business. I registered my business name, created a website, ordered gift boxes, raw materials and tools. Ten years later I’m here, in Rhode Island, in my own factory in East Greenwich. What started as me beading at the dining room table has bloomed into a full fledged business, I’ve come a long way. Two weeks ago, my Grandmother passed away unexpectedly. She was a huge part of both my childhood and adult life. As I’ve grown my business, she’s been my biggest supporter, tracking down every magazine my jewelry has been featured in and showing them to everyone she could. The other night while sitting at home I picked up a book I hadn’t thought about in months. As I opened the cover, this small card from my Grandmother (pictured above) fell out and landed in my lap. I had tucked it inside the book nonchalantly about a year ago, and had completely forgotten about its existence. Inside the card was this message, “Of all forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can dream. If you have hope, you have everything.”  My Grandmother had a thing for Hope. She gave my Mother “Hope” as her middle name. In turn, when I was born, my Mother gave me the middle name Hope as well. An ironic, yet wonderful synchronicity occurred when I moved to Rhode Island to be a part of the jewelry industry here. I discovered that the word “Hope” flies on the state flag as the official motto of the state. Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe it’s destiny. Either way, I choose to take it as a sign that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. In loving memory of Mary Janice Wilder April 4, 1934 – July 5, 2015 With love,

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Not much can top a movie night outdoors with great food and friends. For Newport Film’s Annual Outdoor Movie Night, Jess and I headed to the Marble House one of Newport’s historic mansions to watch the documentary about the inspirational style icon and incredibly talented, Iris Apfel. It was a perfect summer evening in New England situated on the beautiful grounds of the Marble House. We mixed up some summer cocktails (see our recipe here, we substituted mango juice for grapefruit in this version) and pulled together an enviable spread, still craving that cheese plate! If you happen to be in Rhode Island during the summer, Newport film outdoors is a must-do. Last year we watched Dior & I on the lawn of Rough Point and we’re already looking forward to our next picnic! On Jess: Clara Mini Bracelet, Carly Bracelet, Marley Cuff in Brass, Marley Cuff in Silver, Venus Ring On Loren: Carly Bracelet in Silver, Clara Mini Bracelet in Silver, Laura Rope Bracelet in Silver

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Sold Out