We want to make sure any jewelry purchased through LorenHope.com lasts for years. Here are a few quick tips to keep your collection safe (and sparkly):

 store carefully


All Loren Hope pieces ship inside a felt dust bag. Since extended exposure to air can oxidize any jewelry, we highly recommend storing your Loren Hope pieces flat in the bag they are packaged with. These dust bags also work great for travel, be it your carry-on luggage or gym locker.

While wearing out and about in the world, avoid jewelry contact with water and chemicals. Our pieces are plated in 18K gold or sterling silver, so to ensure the longevity of the finish, avoid direct contact with perfumes or scented lotions as well. Remove and set aside while washing dishes and hands, or hitting the pool or beach.

 Stay Flexible


A few notes about product design: Our reversible cuffs are made with a strong, solid brass base, but for wearability, they can be gently pulled open for putting on and squeezed closed to tighten. Don't be afraid to adjust the size to your comfort—they are designed to fit everyone.

Clasps can get tired, but they can also be adjusted back into shape. Our popular Carly, Clara and Clara mini bracelets feature classic box and tongue clasps that are machined locally by a master tool-maker. (Fun fact: back in the day, they specialized in ladies metal compacts, pill boxes and lockets—things with hinges!) To ensure you have clasped your bracelet securely, make sure you hear the click. If your bracelet clasp loses tension over time, gently pull up the tongue component of the clasp to bring back the tension until you hear it clicking securely again.

Finally, watch out for your stones. In the style of vintage jewelry, many of our pieces feature hand-set stones in prong settings. If a prong gets caught on something and is raised up, secure the stone with your finger to keep it in place and carefully push the prong back down with a pair of pliers or flat, hard object. (Beware not to scratch the stone.)

 keep clean


Keep in mind that everyone's skin is different, which can affect the level of tarnish or wear on your jewelry. To keep it clean, polish pieces with a soft cloth. The complimentary felt dust bag may also be used. Do not apply chemical jewelry cleaners, as this can damage the plating.




Remember, you can always drop us a line if you have questions. We stand behind our jewelry 100%. Please note that we can't be held accountable for disregard of this sage advice. F
or items purchased on LorenHope.com, we do offer complimentary repairs for extenuating circumstances (such as snapped chains, missing stones. You know, casualties of life getting in the way.) If you have such an issue, please contact us with your order number and describe the problem.