Studio Tour

Welcome to the
Loren Hope studio!

Our Newport, Rhode Island, headquarters comprises both our retail space and our in-house manufacturing area. This is where Loren Hope magic comes vividly to life. All of our pieces are imagined, designed, and created here in an atmosphere that encourages creativity and forward-thinking design.

Our meticulously designed studio made up of colorful furniture, fun wall hangings, and clips of our own magazine features, inspires our skilled jewelry makers to imagine and create items that push the envelope design-wise, while also celebrating Rhode Island’s impressive jewelry-making past. 

Our headquarters allows us to create truly unique pieces for our customers—we host one-on-one consultations within our studio to ensure our customer’s desired piece of jewelry is created around the color, style, and setting that they envision.

Within these studio walls, we create a range of items. We handcraft pieces that are featured in our online store, items that are unique to our Newport flagship space, and jewelry that is part of special collections released only at select times throughout the year.