Jello & Jewels

Nostalgia is central to everything we do here at Loren Hope, so it should come as no surprise that inspiration would be sourced from the Jello recipes scattered amongst the pages of our vintage magazines from the 50's. The glossy, colorful and fabulously eccentric possibilities are endless when experimenting with gelatin. One only needs time and a little patience to ensure the best giggly results. 

Our jello journey began by procuring vintage molds, a sweet heart shape, a classic large round container, as well as a simple small vintage bowl. The next step was to purchase the needed ingredients and then select what bijoux oddities were going within each jelly. The object pallet consisted of warm colored crystals, iridescent jewels, pretty pearls, and fresh babies breath flowers. Like clockwork, we poured a fresh layer and added jewels every 20 minutes or so. 

The finished product was nothing short of visually pleasing. Each jelly had a unique personality, liken to that of three sisters. The pearl filled jelly was simply fantastical, a vision of ultra feminine wonder. A light catching masterpiece, the heart jelly had a sparkling depth of color to it like stained glass. Lastly, our babies breath and iridescent miniature ended up being so much more than a supporting jello act.

While we don't recommend actually eating jello creations such as these, we do highly recommend indulging in a whimsical winter project like this. The creative nature of jello making mixed with the anticipation for the final product, made for a truly fun artistic experience. The only question is, what will we place in our jello molds next? 

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