The Inspiration Behind Our Holiday 2020 Collection

The seeds of inspiration were sown in the stars for Loren Hope’s 2020 Holiday collection. The ultimate symbol of hope, stars illuminate the darkness and allow us all to dream. Our wish when conjuring up this collection was to design pieces that evoked joy and optimism. Embracing a colorful palette of stones that shine bright like the cosmos above, is something we felt our dear customers needed now more than ever. Behold, our finest holiday collection yet. 

Shooting star motifs are central to this collection and evoke an ecstatic sense of magic. The Starlight earrings, pendant, hair barrette, and tiara take center stage within this collection. The Starlight tiara, a first of its kind for the house, was a labor of bijoux love and is our most favorite creation yet. Such jeweled firsts did not stop there however. Theatrically festive, the Starlight tree topper features the same profusion of handset multicolored stones featured in each namesake item. Afterall, being able to match one's jewelry to their tree topper is the definition of a fashion statement.

The final touch on any proper gift, bow motifs also festoon this holiday series. Our Mirabelle bow ring and brooch are ideal adornments for any festive ensemble. Eye-catching and enchanting, the Consuelo bow brooch offers the right amount of dazzling flair. Upping the jeweled ante, the Debutante bow tree topper brilliantly sparkles, making for a chic yet festive decor moment.

Favored pieces from holidays past were also reimagined for this collection. Elegant in emerald, the Grand Dame earrings and cuff boldly elevate any look. The Presley statement earrings as well as the brooch have been recolored in crystal and turquoise, a superb combination. A slew of new pieces like the Socialite bracelets, Primadonna necklaces, Gloriana earrings, and Consuelo cocktail ring have also arrived to indulge your most glamorous bijoux fantasies.

A new year is on the horizon, embrace it with jewelry that heralds a celebration of style. 



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