And the Bride Wore Loren Hope

At Loren Hope, we absolutely live for jewelry that comes with a story. After all, the piece is just an object until the wearer brings it to life. Since the start of the brand, Loren Hope has been so many brides’ touch of sparkle, providing them with the confidence and ease to be the best version of themselves on the big day. With the past few years full of rescheduled and postponed celebrations, the bridal looks are back in a big way and boy, have they brought it! We’ve highlighted a few of our recent favorites, all shining in their own unique and stunning way. Looking back to the special day, we asked each bride what was their most treasured moment from their wedding.

Pooja: “The most treasured memory from my wedding was our vow exchange. My husband and I had a beautiful and fun-filled, big, fat Indian wedding. In all the excitement, I loved having a moment with my husband exchanging our vows and proclaiming our love for one another.”

(Pooja shined in the Grand Dame earrings and coordinating Dame necklace)

Photography: @jhankarlo_photography

Lauren: My favorite part of our wedding was actually having it. Due to a few false starts in the journey of combating COVID, we had four different wedding dates. We finally had the wedding on April 1, 2022 - yes, purposely on April Fool's day! Another highlight: as a surprise to my wife, the last song of the night was one of her favorites; when the beat dropped at the end, confetti cannons were released.

(Lauren dazzled in stacked Arista bracelets, the bridesmaids in Kaylee studs, and her mother in the Kaylee necklace)

Photographer: @andiandzoe

Marjorie: My most treasured memory from our wedding was the exchanging of vows with my husband, Nikhil. The world around us disappeared for a brief moment while we expressed our love and commitment to each other. A close second would definitely have to be watching my six-year-old nephew cutting loose on the dance floor all night!

(Marjorie glittered in the Farrow earrings)

Photography: @ktcrabbphoto

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