LH Wedding: Mountain Magic

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We’ve fallen in love all over again.  The head-over-heels, all bets off, butterflies sort of love that you can’t really look for.  Our bride and groom took us on a tour of their wedding day in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the photographs are downright magical. 

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 Kaitlin and Patrick were married at the The Vineyards at Bettys Creek, a stunning venue tucked away in Sylva, North Carolina.  The location was the perfect fit, fulfilling Kaitlin and Patrick’s wishes to honor the natural beauty of the mountains. 

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The bride desired a “simple and classic elegance,” and her dreams were realized. The bridal bouquets were a combination of her favorite, anemones, and wild field flowers.  Against the backdrop of the rolling Blue Ridge hung green garlands of olive green and eucalyptus, polishing an already stunning landscape.  Kaitlin’s dress, a lacy long-sleeved dress from Gown Boutique of Charleston, flaunted an open back and is the definition of subtle, refined beauty.  Her bridesmaids wore ShowMeYourMumu dresses of baby blue, intended to match the mountain colors. 

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Kaitlin’s selection of LH pieces was the icing on top.  For her bridal party, Kaitlin selected the Hayden choker in gold because she wanted something simple that “ended up being the star of the show.”  Her mother also wore the Hayden choker, but sported a pair of Abba earrings in crystal to bring it all together.  Lastly, for the bride herself, Kaitlin wore Abba earrings in white, and couldn’t stop there.  Kaitlin she said she, “Loves arm candy.  So I had to double up.”  Kaitlin, you’ve spoken for the rest of us—two is always better than one.  She selected a mini Sarra cuff in white opal, and our new obsession, the Glenn wrap bracelet in white opal

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Patrick and Kaitlin’s day was special for a lot of reasons.  Not only did she enjoy relaxing with her bridesmaids and being there while they unwrapped their jewels, but her grandfather hosted the ceremony, an emotional touch Kaitlin found difficult to express in words.  The event went off without a hitch, and was everything she had hoped it could be.  We love hearing about dreams come true, and even more when we can be a part of them.  Kaitlin says she has worn her LH pieces since the ceremony because she feels it is “so timeless”—a sparkly reminder of everything she holds dear, a little arm candy to cherish her perfect day. 

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Photography: Sadie Culberson

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