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Article: Tea and Treasures at Loren Hope: Our Mother's Day Class

Tea and Treasures at Loren Hope: Our Mother's Day Class
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Tea and Treasures at Loren Hope: Our Mother's Day Class

As a young girl I spent my time doodling and creating, and I wouldn't be where I am today without my mom.  She nurtured my creative talents and pushed me to explore the boundaries of my love for all things pretty.  When I started Loren Hope, now a decade past, my mother helped me fill orders from my dining room table, a set a pliers in her hand.  To celebrate Mother's Day and the passion she instilled in me we held a Mother/Daughter jewelry design class. 

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My mom drove up from North Carolina to be a part of the class, quick to pick up where she left off ten years ago.  We created a necklace design for the girls to use and then let them loose on a treasure trove of sparkles and tassels.  The girls squealed with pleasure over the different stones, shouting to each other, "Look at this one, and this one!!"  Their mothers assembled their own necklaces, and it was a heartwarming experience to watch them all explore the creative process together.  


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After the class, we gave the girls a tea (Capri-Sun "tea") and cupcake party, and once they found a table of Rhinestone clip-ons, it was dress up time.  Their endless giggles were infectious as they played with parasols, jewelry, fur and heels, making us laugh and reminding us of how lucky we are.


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This was the perfect first jewelry class at the studio, not only because of how much fun the girls had, but because of how wonderfully nostalgic it all was.  Seeing the girls coo over the stones and their excitement over creating art was a blast to the past, back to when I was their age and discovering my love for artistic expression.  Having my own mom there was a touching reminder of the importance of our mothers, of how she gave me the template and the guidance, and pushed me toward my calling.  The class reminded me there is a little girl inside all of us waiting to dance with excitement and shout with glee, and sometimes all we need in our lives, is to play a little dress-up.


If you're interested in jewelry classes, sign up for our class email list, you'll be the first to know when we create our class schedule (coming soon!)

Thanks to Anna Briggs and Derek Hogan for photographing the event. 

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