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Article: LH Wedding: Lonestar Love

LH Wedding:  Lonestar Love

LH Wedding: Lonestar Love

Bride and groom, wedding day, black and white, wedding bouquet

Another bride and groom have blessed us, and this time we are headed way down south.  Lorne and Lauren Hodges took us to Manchaca, Texas, where a little rain and heat weren't going to stop them from doing it right.     

Bride, wedding dress, wedding jewelry, costume jewelry, wedding day, floral, wedding bouquet, roses, ranunculus, colorful

They were married at Hummingbird House, a lush and vibrant setting that captured Lauren's vision.  She wanted a garden glam feel, and found it with an abundance of white roses and ranunculus, with special pops of orange and delicate hues of pink and purple. 

Groomsmen, bridal party, wedding photo, wedding photography, groom

Bridal party, bride, wedding day, brides dresses, maid of honor

The wedding parties were all smiles leading up to the first look, with the rain doing little to dampen their spirits.  The look on Lorne's face captures everything we could ever say, and more: That Lauren is one beautiful bride, that he has found his life companion, that love is precious and eternal and something words fail to truly capture...  Somebody stop me, I'm getting emotional.

First look, groom, wedding day

Bride and groom, wedding day, wedding dress

Inside, Lauren found her glam.  The couple had their reception inside a glass pavilion, softly lit by chandeliers and silver candelabras.  The party really got started with The Brown Sugar Band, and the house was brought down when the late night snack showed up.  Their guests got to dance the night away with Whataburger in hand, and we are failing to think of a better way to party.  

Mr. and Mrs., bridal table, wedding party

Bride, whataburger, late night snack, wedding reception, party

Pairing a set of Abba earrings with an Arista bracelet (see similar style here), Lauren wanted her jewelry to be something she could wear the whole day instead of just part of it.  She was looking for something beautiful and comfortable, and we think she found it.  Lauren and Lorne, you two look made for each other.  Smiling is infectious, and your wedding photos have officially passed us the bug.  

Send off, classic car, limousine, kiss, wedding departure

Photography: Madison Richards

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Dearest Lauren and Lorne,

May the two of you always be surrounded by happiness. Thank you for sharing your photos. Lauren you are absolutely stunning! Gorgeous look. Love the pieces you chose. Your bouquet is so romantic; then again so are the two of you. Blessings for the many years to come.


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