LH Supper Club: Summer's Bounty

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This edition of LH Supper Club focuses on that time of year when the produce is bountiful, the colors pop, and the flavors should be bright and clean.  The recipe we have for you is an ode to the idea that simple is always better. 

We sourced some beautiful white acre peas and speckled butterbeans from the farmer's market, and picked some baby heirlooms from the backyard.  We threw in some golden zucchini and radishes and the dish was a feast for the eyes.  The beauty of this dish is that you can supplement what you have fresh and available, but the peas are the star of the dish.

What you'll need:

-1 pint of fresh peas (there should be a variety available to you this time of year... select the very best!)

-1 pint of fresh butterbeans

-1 golden zucchini, de-seeded and cut into small lengths

-1 cup of radishes, cut into small lengths

-1 cup of baby heirloom tomatoes, split in half

-1 pint of plain greek yogurt

-Fresh herbs (mint makes this dish, but thyme, parsley or basil would all be delicious... or all four!)

-1 Lemon

-Spices (1 T turmeric, 2t paprika, 2t cumin, 2t white sesame seeds, a pinch of cayenne)

Yogurt, turmeric, cayenne, paprika, cumin, spices, vegetarian, spiced yogurt

Bring two small pots of salted water to a boil.  We tossed in a bay leaf to bring a touch of extra flavor to the peas.  Before adding in your peas, throw in the cut zucchini for 20 seconds and remove, cooling it down in ice water.  This quick step will make your zucchini more flavorful, as well as make the colors pop.  

Add your peas to one pot and the beans to the other and turn down to a simmer.  While they cook, take your greek yogurt and whisk in the spices.  This is the perfect opportunity to add your own touch, selecting the spices that you prefer.  We recommend the pinch of cayenne, as the heat adds complexity to the dish.

Check the peas and beans after simmering for twenty minutes.  You want them to keep their shape, but have the texture of creamy pea puree on the inside.  Strain and cool down in ice water.  

Summer vegetables, pea salad, refreshing, vegetarian

Once the peas are cooled, drain and add them to a bowl with your tomatoes, radishes, and zucchini.  Season with S&P.  Zest and juice your lemon and drizzle olive oil in, stirring lightly.  Finally, toss in your herbs last so they don't take a beating.  We smeared a heaping portion of the spiced yogurt onto the bottom of a plate and placed the salad directly on top.  Every bite should get a little bit of the yogurt, the result being something creamy, bright, herbal, with a nice hint of spice.  

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We recommend eating this on warm, sunny days.  Pair it with a sparkling rose, and you should be left feeling full, fit, and ready for summer to never end.  Call up your best friends, its that time again.


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