When a Friend Drops In: Ashley Brooke Studio Visit

This past week we had the pleasure of welcoming our good friend and creator of Ashley Brooke Designs to the LH studio.  We met a few years back at a pop up shop in NYC and quickly became friends.  She has the kind of personality we gravitate towards--optimistic, bubbly, and unapologetically girly--having her stop by was a true pleasure.

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Earrings, bracelet, necklace, jewelry, design, artistic, creative space, art studio

We gave Ashley a tour of our ever-growing stone archive and production space, before walking her through the process of how we turn metal and stones into magic.  We set up a "stone bar" for Ashley to explore her heart's desires and, side-by-side, designed a beautiful pair of drop earrings together.  

Swarovski, precious stones, jewelry

Jewelry design, earrings, setting stones

Ashley selected a combination of green and pink stones, clustered together above a lovely baguette accent.  The final product screams of the sunny springtime awaiting us just around the corner and we're thankful for Ashley bringing her Orlando warmth all the way to the studio.  

Having friends in the studio is always a pleasure, but watching friends explore their creativity to make something beautiful is even better.  Ashley was a total natural in the design studio and we have to say--Ashley, if you're ever in need of a new gig, consider yourself hired! 

All photography courtesy of Ashley Brooke.  To see a VLOG of our day together in the studio, head over to Ashely's site linked above.  

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Two creative females get together to collaborate on a pair of earrings and what do we get… TA-DA; a gorgeous sparkly colorful trendy pair that we’d all love to adorn our ears with! Cheers to Loren and Ashley your commitment to your jewelry is quite rare and always amazing! Thank you ladies.

Shawna February 25, 2018

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