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Article: Touring the Providence Jewelry Museum

Touring the Providence Jewelry Museum

Touring the Providence Jewelry Museum

Providence Jewelry Museum, Rhode Island, Trifari, RI jewelry industry


Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the Providence Jewelry Museum.  The museum holds a wealth of interesting information about American made jewelry and houses historical artifacts including jewelry, photography, and machinery dating back to the 1800s.

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Among its many pieces, the museum contains a stunning mural from Trifari—one of the biggest costume jewelry houses that emerged from Rhode Island.  The mural, created by the Trifari workers using thousands of tiny jewelry pieces found in the factory, is a mosaic that tells a visual story of both the company and industry’s history.

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providence rhode island, old jewelry factory, industrial revolution, rust belt, RI jewelry industry

brass filigree, rhode island jewelry industry, jewelry history providence RI, brass stampings

trifari mural, trifari jewelry, 60's art, providence jewelry museum, rhode island jewelry industry

After learning more about the history of the jewelry industry in Rhode Island, the milestone achievements of American manufacturers, and how those have shaped the processes we use today to create our pieces, we walked away from the Providence Jewelry Museum with both increased knowledge and pride in continuing the craft of jewelry making.

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