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The Brimfield Antique Show: A Treasure Trove Adventure

brimfield2-2 Loren Hope at Brimfield Antiques Market Vintage jewels at Brimfield brimfield17-2 sparkles at Brimfield. Vintage jewels in the Loren Hope studio

Last week we had the pleasure of exploring the famed Brimfield Antique Show and meeting collectors from across the country.

Soon after entering the May’s field (one of several sections featuring higher quality goods), we stumbled upon a fabulous pair of mid-century chairs.  Upon closer inspection, and to our delight, we discovered that they were encrusted with sparkly stones.  They had to be ours!  Now, they are happily perched in our studio.

After making our first purchase, we went straight for the jewelry (of course), and ogled over the piles of vintage pieces that collectors had on display.  Loren was on the hunt for some of her favorite vintage makers including Juliana, Coro, Hobe, and Miriam Haskell, and was successful in finding a pair of gorgeous Juliana earrings with orange and crystal AB stones.

If you plan on attending, here are some tips to know before you venture: Leave yourself extra time– there is A LOT to see.  There will be a minimal parking fee (about $10).  Wear layers and comfy shoes; the show extends across a mile-long stretch of land.  There are fried and concession foods, but pack a lunch if you’re trying to eat healthy.  Brainstorm a list of items that you want to hunt for in advance.  Bring extra spending money– you’re sure to find a wide array of items that you’ll never see elsewhere!

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