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In the small state of Rhode Island, we are interested in casting the spotlight on the businesses who are true to their passion, their staff, and their history.  At Loren Hope, we believe in celebrating American artistry, and most of all, celebrating the people behind it.  We took a little trip over to Cranston, RI to Revival Brewery's headquarters to meet brewmaster Sean Larkin and the rest of the Revival team.  We found a group of people dedicated to incorporating history and locality into some sweet, sweet nectar.  Sean let us take a step out of the jewelry world and into the ever-growing world of craft beer, and while the two might seem different, they are undoubtedly linked by passion and the pursuit of perfection.  We left happy, buzzed, and itching to go back.  Read what Sean had to say on craft beer-making in an interview below: 

LH: First off, we love your name. How did the name "Revival" come to be?

SL: Revival's name came about as more of a thought. I wanted to start brewing beer on my own and I wanted the name of the company to represent that investment in my career and not a geographical location.

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LH: What is a day in the life like for a brewmaster?
SL: It's a whirlwind of sorts for this start-up company, I tend to wear many hats in my role, but as it pertains to the brewery, I formulate recipes, oversee production, lend creative guidance and lead a team of terribly creative people.  Without the team, Revival would be nothing.
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LH: We are always interested in the creative process, what is the first step in creating a new beer for Revival?
SL: They are all different, some start with a style, some start with a name and then we create a beer to match that.  In the end, it's hopefully about good story telling and great beer.  We are lucky to have a great design partner in the way of AJ Paglia,, he is part owner in Snorg and is amazing.  Without him, we would not have made the design impact as a brand that we have had.
LH: When tasting, what are the traits you look for in a good beer? 
SL: Balance and drinkability are first.  Extreme beers are nice too but if the consumer is not educated enough these beers can be out of balance and give them a style perception that may not be consistent.  Everyone's tastes are different and its beer fun to see the consumer shift from IPA's to Sours.  This has been extremely interesting.

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LH: I noticed a lot of the beers are inspired by Rhode Island's history, how important is it for you to represent The Ocean State at Revival?
SL: I was born here and I will most likely die here.  I have traveled the world and there is no place more weird or special than RI, I love it and I try to tell stories that will make folks from other places fall in love with this beautiful misfit state.
LH: As a craftsman, what is the driving force behind your passion?
SL: I love to see people across the globe enjoying our beer, I never planned to be a brewer it just happened.  Now I enjoy creating beer and teaching other folks to enjoy beer, and teaching my staff how to make world class beers.
LH: In a rapidly expanding craft beer market, how do you separate yourselves from the rest?
SL: Quality beer and Amazing Branding IMO.  Enough Said!
LH: While its still cold out, what do you recommend to drink?
SL: Bourbon Barrell Imperial Stout!!
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LH: Lastly, does one ever tire of drinking a beer of their own creation?
SL: Never, I fall back in love every time I mash-in!!
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A big thanks to Sean Larkin and the entire Revival team.  You provided us with some incredible hospitality, some delicious beverages, and a glimpse into a new artistic realm outside of the world of fashion.  Your passion for delicious beer inspires us--Cheers!!

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