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Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds.  See the world.  It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury


            In an attempt to stuff our eyes, to pursue the wonders that our big world has to offer, we packed our bags and headed out west.  Our destination—Tucson, Arizona.
The Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Showcase—is an annual event showcasing the treasures of our Earth, a month long affair paying homage to all of the old and wondrous splendor nature creates with nothing more than time and the elements.


            When we touched down in Phoenix, our first move was to rent a car for the trek to Tucson.  Convertible?  Yes, please.  As we made the drive, we were floored by the landscape:  the rolling mountains, the way the desert blended deep reds and stunning auburn, how the sunsets popped with purple hues and fiery puffs of cotton. 

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Flying down the highway, top down, snapping Saguaros
            Once we arrived in Tucson, we had some decisions to make.  The show consists of over 40 events going on across the city, each highlighting different features such as fine minerals, fossils, or cut precious stones.  In our exploration, we found a few gems (pun intended?) that we had to take home, including some collector’s fluorite, calcite, pink halite, and a fossilized ammonite.
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Outside of the show, we spent some time hiking in the Saguaro National Park, making our way through the desert landscape and the towering cacti.  The air was clean and dry, and we fell in love with the massive saguaro’s soaking up the sun. 
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Of course, no trip would be complete without trying out some of the local food.  We sat down for brunch at the Welcome Diner, who by the way, might just have the friendliest staff we’ve ever encountered.  Our server put as ease before we devoured some huevos divorciados with roasted vegetables, a perfect combination of Southwestern cuisine and comfort. 
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            The desert sky was a pleasant retreat from our wintery landscape, and a gentle reminder to why jewelry is our passion:  The gems and stones were stunning, full of shimmer and geometrical allure, the final product of Earth’s artistic hands.  Back in the studio, we strive to blend nature’s artistry with everyday, feel-good attire—to create a product you want show off to the world.  In Tucson we went in search of stones, and in stones, we find the stuff that dreams are made of.    

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I am so proud of this beautiful young lady. I watched her grow from a sweet little girl chasing frogs to becoming an stunning artist. Now she is a beautiful grown woman that inspires young women everywhere that if you have a dream follow the path of that dream. It can be done. Loren Hope I am very proud of you. Continue the path your dream takes you.

Janet Wilder March 27, 2017

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