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Article: Newport Film: Halston Documentary & Annual Picnic Contest

Newport Film: Halston Documentary & Annual Picnic Contest
Happy Hour

Newport Film: Halston Documentary & Annual Picnic Contest

What do you get when you mix NewportFILM and Loren Hope? A fashion forward evening celebrating the new documentary on one of history's famed designers, Halston. However, this was not any routine NewportFILM screening, this was also the 6th annual picnic contest, a competition locals take very seriously. Set on the lawn of Rough Point, we knew this would be a night to remember. 

Loren Hope Butterfly Brooch, Butterfly pin

As an event sponsor, Loren was one of the 6 contest judges, and though we weren't able to be part of the competition, we still wanted to participate in the festivities. The team looked at preparation for this event like a Project Runway competition. The challenge was to decorate a 10x10 tent to be on brand, on theme, and pack a bold picnic punch. 

With Halston and Studio 54 on the brain, the team created a fabulous wall of glittering rhinestones for people to take photos in front of and serve as a shimmering backdrop for everything else we would dream up. Execution was somewhat trial and error, but eventually we figured out the best way to “make it work”. 

 In front of the sparkling chain wall were our infamous plush velvet purple chairs that flanked a mid-century side table topped with a vintage gold pegasus lamp. This eclectic, yet fresh mix of color and decor carried onto our picnic set up. 

 We used a decorative lilac rug set the stage for an arrangement of six velvet ottomans which circled a sleek high top table. Statement making was the name of the game - so we hung a disco ball. Under it, our table, festooned with an array of vintage flamingo pink Heisey & Co. glassware. Coined by researchers as the “Twist” pattern, this sleek Art Deco glassware translated seamlessly with the various Studio 54 elements within our decor. Jewels were scattered around an artisanal charcuterie board, the star of our picnic. 

NewportFILM picnic contest, charcuterie board, wine charms, Loren Hope
Pictured: Our Wine Charms in Champagne

Our charcuterie set up included:

Cheeses: English cheddar, Italian Truffle, asiago, Toscano soaked in syrah, French brie
Meat: Italian dry salami, rosemary ham
Accoutrements: olive medley, cornichons, assorted crackers and breadsticks, Marcona almonds
Condiments: pepper jelly, honey pale ale mustard
Fruits: Raspberries, green grapes, black figs, mandarins
Sweets: Dark chocolate almonds

Assembling every detail of this magical evening was a labor of Loren Hope love. Though the decor was festive and the charcuterie to die for, it was engaging with fans of the brand and fellow fashion lovers which proved to be the ultimate joy for every member of the team. 

A special thank you to Kimberly Wills for food and table styling.

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