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Article: Girl Crush: Jennifer Lake

Girl Crush: Jennifer Lake
LH Styled

Girl Crush: Jennifer Lake

We had the pleasure of getting to know Jennifer Lake of the popular fashion and travel blog, Style Charade. Jennifer's classic, colorful, and feminine style are just a few of the reasons we love following her. During her time in Newport we gave her an inside look at Loren Hope (you can read all about her trip here). While indulging in beaucoups of carbs at Pasta Beach, she told me about the bouquet of vintage brooches her and her bridesmaids wore on her wedding day. With that little tidbit, I knew she was my people... Read on to get to know Jennifer Lake. 
Jennifer Lake - Style Charade Blog
1. Who or what inspired you to enter the world of fashion/lifestyle blogging?
My first blog, Third Coast Bride, launched in 2008 at a time when very few blogs even existed. Third Coast Bride was inspired by our engagement and wedding planning process - everything from my dress and invitations to showcasing trends in bridal fashion and event planning. It was an easy resource and one-stop shop for family and friends constantly asking me questions about our wedding. I still laugh that we hosted the site on Blogger (i.e.! After getting married, I quickly realized the blog wouldn't be sustainable, as I wasn't passionate about writing about rehearsal dinners or cake tastings after our nuptials. Therefore, in 2011, I closed down the site and just went on with life. At the same time, I continued to have the "blogging bug," and often wished that I had kept it (but changed the site name and topic to skew more fashion). After a few years of contemplating the idea of relaunching a style blog, a few women who I greatly respect in the industry started to encourage me to start a site. On separate occasions, Liz Adams of Hello Adams Family (previously Sequins & Stripes), and Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski of The Everygirl told me, "Jenn - start a blog! You are meant to have one!" Their support pushed me to once again dive headfirst into the world of blogging, and I am so thankful I did. After more than a year of planning for the site, Style Charade was born in early 2015. It has been a fulfilling creative outlet and has allowed me to meet and interact with people and companies from around the globe.


2. If you could only wear one accessory everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be (engagement ring/wedding band excluded because obvi)? A pair of colorful statement earrings. Accessories instantly change your mood and outfit, and I've always found that statement earrings draw attention to your face and can completely transform an outfit. With countless beautiful styles and hues, it's no wonder why I'm obsessed with Loren Hope's collection!
Jennifer Lake - Style Charade - Loren Hope, Newport RI
3. What do you know now that you wish you knew ten years ago?
As a former lifeguard, I wish I would have listened to my mom when she told me to put on more sunscreen. Now, you'll rarely find me in the sun! As I get older, I realize my parents were right about so many things. 
4. What does your perfect girls night look like?
Now that I'm in my 30's, I love the idea of staying in and "nesting." My husband and I recently bought a new home, and we're working with an interior designer to reimagine the first floor of our space (both indoor and outdoor) so we can entertain more at home. As such, I love the idea of inviting my girlfriends over for wine and cheese (I'm not a great cook, lol), watching a great movie or TV show, and just chatting about life. 

Jennifer Lake Newport RI Loren Hope 5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, my four-year old self wanted to be a princess when I grew up. Some things never change (move over Kate and Megan)! Just kidding, just kidding :) In general, I’ve always viewed life like chess not checkers (i.e. I strive to think five moves ahead instead of just one). In fact, most of my close friends and family would say I’ve spent a big chunk of time making master plans for every aspect of my life – work, our home, blog, and beyond.

I’m currently loving (and living) in the now – and trying to focus on small strides instead of some big grandiose plan. On the flip side, I’m truly wired to be a big picture thinker, so this current mindset is completely counterintuitive to my default mindset.

However, I’ve LOVED this chapter, and the reason why is because I’m not caught up in the constant “what if’s” of life and just allowing the “what is” to take over. 

 6. If you could have dinner with any 3 people dead or alive, who would they be and why? 

Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, and Grant Achatz - Oprah to enrich the conversation (and my soul), Warren Buffet to advise on finances and investments, and Grant to cook the actual meal itself! Plus, I’d love to get Oprah and Buffet’s take on their philanthropic endeavors (also, Michelle Obama and Melinda Gates would be close runners-up)!


7. We know you love to travel! What's your best pro-travel tip you can't go without?
As a super-fan of United Airlines (and a Premier 1K member), my best travel tip relates to triple checking seating charts on flights prior to confirming any reservations. is one of my favorite online resources to help identify the best (and worst) seats on any given plane. Additionally, most airlines show their seating charts on their websites and apps. Often, I have specific preferences on seat configurations, and I especially don't love smaller planes. For example, if I'm heading to New York's LaGuardia airport, United has multiple aircraft types that fly the route. Some planes are bigger and some are smaller depending on the departure time. I've learned to plan my travels not based solely on price, but also based on the size of the plane. In general, I also believe loyalty goes a long way in the aviation industry. So many people price shop for the best deals for flights regardless of carrier, and I get it! However, if you travel a lot, staying true to one airline (and loyalty program) delivers perks that end up saving you time, money, and helps to make travel more enjoyable. 


8. What podcasts do you listen to? 
There are so many! Typically, I'm tuning into How I Built This, Bad on Paper, SuperSoul Conversations, Influencer Business by TROVE, Armchair Expert, among countless others (my next one will be Julie, although I heard it drives you to tears).


Follow Jennifer Lake on Instagram here.
Visit her blog, Style Charade here.




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