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LH Visits The Grove Street Press








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During our adventures in New Orleans while shooting our Fall/Winter lookbook, we had the pleasure of visiting The Grove Street Press.   Founded by cousins Kate and Anna, GSP embodies their combined talents and passions in the form of letterpress printing.

During our visit, we were fortunate to get a firsthand view behind the scenes of the magic of letterpress.  Being history nerds and champions of handmade art forms, we were incredibly inspired by the old printing presses, blocks, tools, and the entire creative process.

After custom color-matching ink to our electric purple Alex Cuff, Kate and Anna handset antique lead type to produce our very own print that appears inside the cover of our lookbook.

Be sure to check out GSP‘s pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and visit their shop for a look at their beautiful handmade prints.  As they state in their bio, they create some pretty awesome “human stuff—birth announcements, wedding invitations, love notes, and cards that connect friends across several states — all while conserving a craft across generations…And that’s grand.”

We think so too. 

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