Behind the Scenes: LH Travels to Germany

Glass stone making, glass rods, Germany

Germany glass stone making

Germany Glass stone making

glass stone making Germany

glass stone making Germany

When I begin designing a line, the ultimate goal is to create a product that is timeless.  Pieces that not only stand out as beautiful at first glance, but upon further examination tell a story. The emphasis at Loren Hope is to create a line that is rich in history and culture, using artistic expression to create a representation of not only myself, but also of all of those who have dedicated their life to craft.

When it comes to sourcing ingredients for Loren Hope jewelry, I am on a mission to seek out quality materials. This is one of the many reasons I am so attracted to glass. I find inspiration in color, and glass provides the necessary medium for me to transplant that inspiration to you, underneath its cool, slick shell.

Our passion for glass stones here in Rhode Island is matched by our neighbors across the Atlantic in Germany. We took a trip to meet with one of our stone makers, where they have been handcrafting stones for generations.  Each stone is made individually, using colored glass rods that are melted down and pressed into hand-crafted metal molds that date back to the 1940’s. Once pressed, the edges are trimmed and the stone is polished. The final step is applying any coatings (such as AB—the coating that creates the iridescent look) or foil to the backs, which gives them a little extra sparkle.

After having the privilege of seeing these processes first hand, I have an even greater adoration for these beautiful little gems.  They add precious elements of history and craftsmanship to our jewelry, and contribute to each piece’s unique story.


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