A Look Into Loren Hope Collector, Mary Higham's Jewelry Closet

Mary Higham is all about a timeless, classic style with a bit of flair. Mary, a meeting/event planner and blogger at Seersucker Optional has been a Loren Hope a collector ever since she discovered us on Instagram. We decided to take a trip to her home in Alexandria, Virginia where she lives with her husband Nate and two dogs, Mickey and Minerva, to take a peak at her Loren Hope collection. Let's just say we have major closet envy! Scroll down to see Mary's jewelry closet and learn more about one of our top collectors.

What’s your favorite LH piece to date?

My favorite LH piece to date is such a toughie!! I probably have to go with Lyra, mainly because she's not only magnificent but also was my wedding necklace. That hint of nostalgia really gives her the edge. Honorable mention for me would be the Elizabeth Bauble necklace, an Alex statement necklace (I'm partial to the clover), Flora statement necklace (those white enamel bees are everything)!, the Betty statement necklace (she's a work of art), Gloria (I mean... she's such an outstanding long statement piece), and of course my Imani necklace (#5, she's so beautiful and original)!

Describe your style:

I think my style is whimsical and colorfully preppy. I love to add a pop of color and an unexpected twist to an otherwise ordinary day. I used to stress about outfits - is that too showy? Will I be overdressed? I realized that if making every day fancy works for me, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Ashley Brooke used to make a mug and makeup pouch that said "Let's Always be Fancy", and I think that's exactly the right mindset.

How did you first learn about LH?

I discovered Loren Hope through Instagram. The brand came up on my "Discover" section, and as I am basically a magpie and obsessed with shiny things, I was immediately drawn to the brand. The sparkle, the glamour, it was intoxicating. The juxtaposition of the bold art deco statement pieces with the classic, preppy New England style spoke directly to me and my own personal aesthetic. It was like discovering a representation of myself that I didn't know could exist. The best part about deep diving into the LH lifestyle was finding the other Loren Hope addicts. Not only did I meet an amazing group of women through Instagram, who are now some of my dearest friends both online and in real life (we even have a text chain), but I was once at an industry event and the registration woman asked me, "Wait, is that a Loren Hope Alex Cuff?" as I was checking in. When I confirmed, she showed me that she was ALSO wearing an LH Alex cuff, and we've been good friends ever since. Loren Hope jewels are so special that they not only create joy for the people who wear them, but they create a sense of community and happiness and a desire to share.

What was your first LH piece?

I think my very first piece was a Clara bracelet or Sarra Cuff. Once I was hooked, I  bought out older pieces from what may be every single boutique in the US that carried LH pieces. I've had a LH Bucket List for years slowly finding the ones that got away (that Dalmatian Roxy is still at the top of my list, as is Studio #2, and the lavender Petra statement necklace, though I've made quite a dent over the years)! My greatest triumphs were finding Iris, Collette, Lyra, and recently a seafoam Alex Cuff that sold out before I could buy!

What is your favorite thing about LH?

My favorite thing about Loren Hope Jewelry is that they are unique pieces unlike anything else. They evoke a rich, vintage feel, wrapped up with an art deco vibe that I adore. I am always blown away by the quality of the materials, and the fact that LH will fix minor breaks (if I accidentally snag the chain and it detaches a link or a stone gets popped out), which no other company I know of will do. It speaks to the level of customer service and care that goes into each piece, and I have yet to find another company that takes such good care of their customers!

Favorite way to accessorize?

Go big. Even an ordinary tee or white collared shirt demands a statement necklace, or an arm stack, or bold statement earrings. Sometimes all three. I am also a HUGE fan of adding an embellished headband or a fascinator. Fabulous is always in style.

Favorite Flower?

I have always loved peonies, irises, and calla lillies.

Guilty pleasure?

I'm all about being fancy, but honestly, there are so many times when I just want to climb into my sweatpants and watch Grey's Anatomy and eat tacos. Dream life can both be wandering around the LACMA in a tulle ball skirt and fascinator with some fancy LH bling, but can also be an evening at home wearing sheet masks and Netflix binging on the couch.

Favorite place you've ever visited?

This is also a tough one! As a meeting and event planner, I am always on the go! I think Greece is one of my all time favorite places. Santorini was just magnificent and the history and Mediterranean views are just a dream. I also love Spain. There's just something that eases my soul when I'm there... and the food! Croquetas, Iberico ham, and Spanish wine are everything. I would remiss if I didn't also add Seoul. It has a hold on my heart that I just can't escape. Domestically? There are certain cities that just pull at my heartstrings like Charleston and Savannah. I can never get enough of the culture and beauty of New Orleans (plus my fabulous friends @medically_blonde and @socialhourbr are there)! Palm Springs and Miami have architecture like no where else, and New York City will always feel like coming home.

Signature cocktail?

I love craft vodka, specifically Aylesbury Duck and Reyka, because there are so many variations you can apply, including orange, cranberry, or grapefruit juice. For an ordinary drink when I'm at an industry function, I like to just mix with Diet Coke.

My own "signature" cocktail for a really special treat:

Mary's Unicorn Cocktail


  • Craft Vodka
  • Champagne
  • Sweet Vermouth or Sherry
  • Rainbow Sherbert


  1. Add 2 scoops of Rainbow Sherbet to ice cream glass (or my preference, a disco ball cup or pineapple tumbler)
  2. Add a splash of vodka
  3. Add a splash of sweet vermouth or sherry
  4. Pour champagne until glass is full and fizzy.
  5. Sip with a straw.

Whose style do you admire the most?

I know it's cliche, but I have always loved Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O's ability to transform simple pieces into fashion statements with adjusting silhouettes or adding a great statement piece. Modern day, I think Amal Clooney is just transcendent. Her fashion choices are always precise and perfected, be it presenting at the UN, crushing it in court, or on the red carpet. In addition besides being the most beautiful woman in the world, she's one of the most brilliant and admirable people one could ever aspire to emulate.

If you could have dinner with any 3 people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

I would love to dine with Gloria Steinem, Reese Witherspoon, and Kate Spade because they are smart, bold women, who used their creative skills (writing, performance, design) and artistic visions to advocate for women and create strong female paths.

Can you tell us about your closet?

When we first bought our house, I floated the idea to my husband of turning our smallest bedroom into my closet, as the master bedroom's walk-in was pretty small. To my surprise and delight he thought it was a good idea! (WIN)! When we first talked to custom closet companies, the prices were not only far more than we wanted to invest, but we were concerned at the damage to the room should we ever decide to sell. We settled on the IKEA Pax system. These wardrobe structures are NOT built-ins, and therefore can be removed with minimal damage to the room. They are also exceedingly customizeable; Different drawers, pull out trays, pant racks, and clothing bars all make this the ideal situation for me. For my jewelry drawers, I originally used foam mat drawer liners. They looked nice, but I always wanted to do something that was worthy of the beautiful jewelry I was displaying. For an upgrade, I bought the standard IKEA pull out tray inserts, and then purchased and array of colored velvets. We cut the velvet down to size and used spray adhesive to cover the inserts. The results were beautiful. 

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Hello, do you possibly still have the Kathrine Drop Earrings or did I miss them? They were in the sale section.

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