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Our inspiration comes
from nature

So it’s important to us that we are careful about what we put back into it. Beyond the raw materials, it is vital that our skills and talents are used to improve the world around us. Rhode Island, and Providence specifically, was once the jewelry capital of the world, booming with artists and makers alike. As manufacturing moved overseas, there was left an abundance of raw materials, a playground of parts for us to create from.

Today, Loren Hope takes special care to be a responsible member of the design community and stands by our sustainable practices.


Our vintage glass stones and chains are remnants of Providence’s jewelry history. As a small batch producer, we buy these unsold materials and breathe new life into them as both homage to our city’s past and an effort to keep a minimal carbon footprint.


We work with local suppliers and artisans, people who operate businesses that have been passed on from earlier generations. We pour our dollars back into the local community so that, together, we can honor our past and build toward our future.


Just as we reinvent our vintage materials, we consider our work indisposable. We design it to last and in the rare instance it does not, we repair what we can, recycle what we can’t, and even replace when needed.


For those older pieces that haven’t sold, we support programs such as Dress for Success and SIREN, a local nonprofit in Newport that helps women with job searches, resume development, and interview preparedness. Sometimes even the most subtle piece can help someone feel anew.