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Sonia TiaraSonia Tiara
Sonia Tiara Sale price$ 348
Loren's Favorites
Billie Statement Clip-On EarringsBillie Statement Clip-On Earrings
Loren's Favorites
Billie Cocktail RingBillie Cocktail Ring
Billie Cocktail Ring Sale price$ 138
Cleo NecklaceCleo Necklace
Cleo Necklace Sale price$ 248
Loren's Favorites
Kaylee Bracelet in Confetti OmbréKaylee Bracelet in Confetti Ombré
Kaylee Bracelet in Confetti Ombré Sale price$ 94.80 Regular price$ 158.00
Only a Few Left
Countess EarringsCountess Earrings
Countess Earrings Sale price$ 198
Sold out
Countess Statement NecklaceCountess Statement Necklace
Only a Few Left
Natalie StudsNatalie Studs
Natalie Studs Sale price$ 103.50 Regular price$ 138.00
Dynasty Crystal TasselDynasty Crystal Tassel
Dynasty Crystal Tassel Sale price$ 998
Only a Few Left
Arista Slider Necklace in Blossom OmbréArista Slider Necklace in Blossom Ombré
Catherine TiaraCatherine Tiara
Catherine Tiara Sale price$ 298.80 Regular price$ 498.00
Victoria TiaraVictoria Tiara
Victoria Tiara Sale price$ 698
Only a Few Left
Over the Rainbow Earring SetOver the Rainbow Earring Set
Loren's Favorites
Arista Belt in CrystalArista Belt in Crystal
Arista Belt in Crystal Sale price$ 598
Sold out
Billie EarringsBillie Earrings
Billie Earrings Sale price$ 188
Starlet Statement NecklaceStarlet Statement Necklace
Only a Few Left
Starlet TiaraStarlet Tiara
Starlet Tiara Sale price$ 1,298
Available for Pre-order
Dame StudsDame Studs
Dame Studs Sale price$ 138
Only a Few Left
Arista Slider NecklaceArista Slider Necklace
Arista Slider Necklace Sale price$ 248
Grand Dame CuffGrand Dame Cuff
Grand Dame Cuff Sale price$ 328
Only a Few Left
Grand Dame EarringsGrand Dame Earrings
Grand Dame Earrings Sale price$ 278
Loren's Favorites
Cupid BeltCupid Belt
Cupid Belt Sale price$ 398
Loren's Favorites
The Starlight TiaraThe Starlight Tiara
The Starlight Tiara Sale price$ 1,398
Available for Pre-order
Cupid Heart Earrings in BlushCupid Heart Earrings in Blush
Willa Earrings in EmeraldWilla Earrings in Emerald
Only a Few Left
Starlet BroochStarlet Brooch
Starlet Brooch Sale price$ 178
Dame NecklaceDame Necklace
Dame Necklace Sale price$ 598
Only a Few Left
Dame Cocktail RingEmerald cocktail ring
Dame Cocktail Ring Sale price$ 168
Starlet Statement EarringsStarlet Statement Earrings
London Bow EarringsLondon Bow Earrings
London Bow Earrings Sale price$ 88
Only a Few Left
Maci Heart StudsMaci Heart Studs
Maci Heart Studs Sale price$ 58.80 Regular price$ 98.00
Willa Earrings in RubyWilla Earrings in Ruby
Willa Earrings in Ruby Sale price$ 248
Best Seller
Cupid Heart EarringsCupid Heart Earrings
Cupid Heart Earrings Sale price$ 148
Loren's Favorites
Cupid EarringsCupid Heart Earrings in Multi
Cupid Heart Earrings in Multi Sale price$ 88.80 Regular price$ 148.00
Arista BraceletArista Bracelet
Arista Bracelet Sale price$ 138
Loren's Favorites
Chloe Earrings - Loren Hope Chloe Statement Earrings
Chloe Statement Earrings Sale price$ 348
Veronica BraceletVeronica Bracelet
Veronica Bracelet Sale price$ 124.80 Regular price$ 248.00
Only a Few Left
Veronica Four Drop EarringsVeronica Four Drop Earrings
Veronica Four Drop Earrings Sale price$ 194.60 Regular price$ 278.00
Only a Few Left
Kaylee Necklace in CrystalKaylee Necklace in Crystal
Over the Rainbow Necklace SetOver the Rainbow Necklace Set
Mia NecklaceMia Necklace
Mia Necklace Sale price$ 278
Verity EarringsVerity Earrings
Verity Earrings Sale price$ 199 Regular price$ 398.00
Only a Few Left
Cora BroochCora Brooch
Cora Brooch Sale price$ 159.60 Regular price$ 228.00
Sold out
Selene RingSelene Ring
Selene Ring Sale price$ 138
Sold out
Callista EarringsCallista Earrings
Callista Earrings Sale price$ 198
Kaleidoscope Rainbow Hoop EarringsKaleidoscope Rainbow Hoop Earrings
The Prima Ora BagThe Prima Ora Bag
The Prima Ora Bag Sale price$ 1,198
Sold out
The Prima Ora BagThe Prima Ora Bag
The Prima Ora Bag Sale price$ 1,198
Loren's Favorites