When I Was Just A Little Girl...

It's a lovely filter seeing the world through a child's eyes.  

When I was a girl I stomped through creek beds and dug my toes in the mud.  I spent hours behind a magnifying glass and stared up at the stars.  I caught tadpoles and crayfish and lost myself to the natural world--and sometimes the best part of growing up is rediscovering what its like to be a kid again.

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In my latest project, I went searching for that feeling.  After years, I finally took the leap into our archive of vintage stones and stepped out with thirty-three, one-of-a-kind, painstakingly-assembled butterfly brooches.  

The inspiration for the project is my life-long fascination with insects and the beauty of nature.  As a girl I kept a box filled with the shells of beetles and cicadas I found while exploring--a strange, morbid little thing I didn't exactly share with my friends.  In the LH studio and in my home, a few shimmering butterfly specimens add contrast to our walls dedicated to all things inspiring and beautiful.  And now, we have a few more specimens to adore.

Butterfly case, jewelry design, shadow box, artistic, inspiration

Each one of the thirty-three butterflies is different from the last, with every stone hand-set in our Rhode Island studio.  We debuted them at the Newport Flower Show in June and now they are here for you all to see!

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We intend for our jewelry to be approachable but wearable art, and this project is truly a marriage between our passion for jewelry and my artistic roots.  The butterflies can be worn as a traditional brooch, or perhaps pinned in your hair.  They could be propped on your shoulder or the centerpiece of a wedding bouquet.  They can be hung on your wall or sit on a vanity--all within their custom artisanal box.  

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Shadow box, special design, art, brooche, butterfly, art, wearable art, one of a kind, butterfly wings, decorative

I lost myself in this project the same way I did as just a little girl, putting on those lenses and seeing the world in a new light.  A piece of me is in every design at Loren Hope, but these represent the first step toward finding my calling.

So as we continue on with our lives, transforming from children to adults, from a little girl with a passion for bugs to a jewelry designer, the butterfly represents our metamorphosis--a process of patience, of labor, of love, and most of all, of beauty.  Along the way, we only hope to capture a little bit of their mystique.  

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As an artist myself & a lover of animals…i can truely say your collection is not only unique but esquisite!! Absolutely beautiful jewelry

Georgeanna January 21, 2020

Your love of nature surely comes through in this collection. It is quite beautiful!!

Christine Berkowitz January 21, 2020

All this is so beautiful!!

Leonora Simonton January 21, 2020

Very beautiful. I love butterflies. 🦋😀

Karen Howard January 21, 2020

I have to get one for my Mother. She loves Butterflies 🦋. For Christmas I got her a beautiful butterfly clock. But she will flip for one of these. She has been sick with MS and ones of these will make her smile her beautiful smile.

Mollie January 13, 2020
Just gorgeous butterfly jewelry.
Brenda Jarvis January 13, 2020

Your work is so beautiful. I can see the love you put into each one. I’m 68 almost 69yrs I crochet and each stitch is a labor of love. Please continue your labor of love.

Beverly Funderburk January 13, 2020

Love your story and how you kept a piece of your childhood with you through the years, inspiring.

Karen Cochrane January 13, 2020

Loren, this is your old pal…I feel I must say this bc my name is so painstakingly common. I must have one of these! It shall hang on my wall until my girl gets married. Then it shall hang again until I die or my granddaughter weds. Love you! I’m in awe as usual. -Katy

Katy Anderson April 01, 2019

Hi Debbie, we are working to make more butterflies! Each one is designed individually and takes hours, so we are taking our time to make the next batch perfect! Keep an eye out. We are working to have them done by the end of the year.

Loren October 12, 2018

Hi!! When will the butterfly collection be available again? They are all sold out on the website??

Debbie McMorrow October 12, 2018

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