NewportFILM: We Got The Beat 7th Friend-Raiser

Fabulous things happen when newportFILM and Loren Hope team up. This particular collaboration was one for the books, as newportFILM and Loren Hope took things back to the 1980’s on Saturday, March 7th at the We Got The Beat 7th Friend-Raiser.

As the presenting sponsor for this fundraising event, it was our unique duty to provide an engaging spectacle for all attendees to experience. Given that the theme was the 1980’s, there were numerous initial ideas tossed around. Upon touring the venue in advance however, Loren had the avant garde idea of manifesting a teenage girl's bedroom from the 1980’s within our corner of the space. From that moment forward, Loren and the team spent the next couple of weeks curating the perfect items to make this idea a reality.

A fictional character was invented to better understand what this room needed to look and feel like. This was going to be Tiffany Hope’s bedroom, and you were her best friend crashing for the night to partake in an ultra-girly, super-fun 1980’s slumber party. So who exactly was Tiffany Hope? Miss Tiffany Hope was to be a girl of her time, interested in pop culture, fashion, and boys. Our fictional character was a classic trope meant to evoke pure nostalgia and lighthearted fun.

The overall aesthetic of the Tiffany Hope bedroom ended up being very 1980’s and very girly, exactly what we wanted. When instalation day came, we were pleasantly surprised at just how good the finished product was. The bedroom was incredible, details like the nostalgic wall of 80’s icons, to the pillow packed floral bed setup, to the vanity area where a pink heart emblazoned with the Loren Hope logo was cast on the wall, to the vintage prom dress and period telephone. The layers of detail were countless, and each item gave a visceral feeling of sweet nostalgia.

Over the course of the evening, the Loren Hope bedroom was enjoyed by each and every guest that lined up to snap a photo on Tiffany’s bouncy bed. Laughter filled our corner of the venue all night long, and photos of the space dominated instagram feeds. The overall fundraiser appeared to be an exuberant success, and Loren Hope was pleased to be involved. For more information on how to support newportFILM, and to see more zanny photos straight from the Loren Hope bedroom visit




Hey Rose! Thanks so much! This was such a fun project to tackle.

Loren April 09, 2020

This room is amazing! I had a hot pink dress that was very similar to the dress in the photo. The Duran Duran poster is on point. I saw them in 1983 in Chicago. That was my first concert.

Rose Martinez April 09, 2020

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