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Article: LH Wedding: Southern Charm

LH Wedding: Southern Charm
LH Wedding

LH Wedding: Southern Charm

It is a pleasure to reach you all through our jewelry, but we cherish the times we can touch your lives forever. Loren teamed up with Kayla, a Southern bride, to create a pair of earrings for her wedding day, and we’re giddy with the result. Lets just say, she sparkled at all the right moments.

Southern bride, wedding, bouquet, bridal portrait, earrings, bridal jewelry, floralBridal portrait, earrings, wedding dress, BHLDN, wedding bouquet, bride, garden, halo, baby's breath

With a sweeping backdrop of a Southern farm with a rustic horse stable, the bride’s vision was inspired by nature, with an emphasis on subtle hues of green and delicate bursts of pastels.  Nature’s beauty trumps all, but we’re happy with the results—a pair of earrings seamlessly blending into the bride’s grander vision, but still standing tall all on their own (It doesn’t hurt she wears them well, either).

Bride, Groom, Bridal portrait, bowtie, bird feather, pheasant, portrait, suit, cuff, earrings, suspenders

Between the baby’s breath and the groom’s bowtie, the earrings tie in perfectly with their thoughtful details! Kayla polished off her look with a matching Mini Sarra cuff in iridescent.

Bridesmaids, Showmeyourmumu, dress, floral print

The bridesmaids’ seafoam Abba earrings and their ShowMeYourMumu dresses, made for beautiful girls and, after it was all said and done, a perfect day.  If you’re trying to decide what to wear, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You’ve got one shot to make it count, and all eyes are on you.  When we hear wedding bells, we come running.  So don’t worry, we’ll be there with drinks in hand. 

German Shorthaired Pointer, GSP, bowtie, dog, smile, ring bearer

A very special (and handsome) ring bearer. 

Halo, wedding portrait, wedding photo

For wedding pieces shop here, or contact us for special commissions.


Photography:  Jess Watkins 

Dresses: BHLDN & ShowMeYourMumu

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