LH Travel: Tulum Town

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To break up the monotony of these wintery skies, we were searching (desperate) and anxious (crying out) for some sunshine.  Heading south was the only remedy, but this time we found ourselves going a little beyond the border.

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            Tulum is no longer Mexico’s hidden gem, but it certainly feels like it.  It is a popular destination for those looking for something a little more restorative than its neighbor, Cancun, to the north. In Tulum, the scene is relaxed, the people are friendly, the drinks are cheap, and the tacos… Oh, the tacos…

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            We landed with just a few thoughts in mind.  Check in, check out the surroundings, and officially take ourselves off the radar.  The first day was spent perusing the beach, breathing in the saltiest of air, and coming to terms with the reality of Tulum’s beauty.   

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            In the following days, we found the perfect balance of cleansing and indulging, that happy place where yoga and deep-tissue massages meets ceviche and cervezas.  Just about anywhere along the main road, running parallel to a crystal blue ocean, you can find a spa or yoga retreat to sweat out last night’s mezcal.  Likewise, just next door to the yoga studio you can find the perfect beachside bungalow for enjoying guacamole and al pastor while sipping on evening mojitos.  Be still, my heart. 

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            Lost somewhere in this place is a magic our soul’s were calling out for—beyond the vitamin D and adult beverages, we discovered a place steeped in a history far deeper than our own but still convenient and welcoming.  We swam in the underground wells of cenotes, explored the grounds of a Mayan civilization long gone, and most importantly, dug our toes in the sand as far as they could go.  Exploring new cultures, diversities, and the wonders of this Universe are the driving force of our creativity at Loren Hope, and a few days in Tulum provided the inspiration we are always in search of. 

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            In travel, we find our stimulus and in Tulum, we found our sunshine.  Now, we think you should do the same.  If you made it through 2016, this is your year, so conquer these days ahead.  We find the best method for travel is booking the flight, because after that, there is only one decision to make:  what to pack. A set of studs and a bathing suit might be all you need. 

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