How To Wear Our Butterfly Brooch On Your Wedding Day

How To Wear Our Butterfly Brooch For Your Wedding Day

The Butterfly Series III is dropping next week, an entirely new batch of one-of-a-kind butterfly brooches from our Newport studio.  These creatures often carry a special meaning behind them, and celebrating your wedding is a perfect time to incorporate them into your day. 

Loren Hope Vintage Butterfly Brooch Pin


The Ribbon of Your Bouquet

A beautiful place for your butterfly to land is on the ribbon of your bouquet. It will be easy to see as you make your way down the aisle and imagine how beautiful it will look in your wedding photos! Pro tip: let your florist know that you would like excess ribbon to hang down the front of the bouquet, that way you can securely fasten the butterfly to it.


Loren Hope jeweled butterfly brooch, vintage stones

Inside Your Bouquet

A little more subtle is having your butterfly find its home within the flowers of your bouquet. The beautiful sparkle will add a nice contrast to the soft and airy feel of your flowers. Again, meet with your florist so they can plan in advance and can set up a special area to wire the pin within the arrangement.


Loren Hope Butterfly Brooch Wedding Day Bridal Bouquet Anemones


Pinned In Your Hair

If you still haven’t found the right hair accessories for your big day then look no further. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful creature gracing them as they walk down the aisle? We love the idea of using the pin as a fascinator for a vintage style bird cage veil. 


Loren Hope Butterfly Pin Bridal Hair Piece


Loren Hope Vintage Butterfly Brooch Pin

The beauty of our one-of-a-kind butterfly brooches is that when your wedding day is over, you can continue to admire it. You’ll always have a reminder of the best day of your life whether it's on your coffee table or hanging on your wall, or propped on your dressing table. 


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