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Article: Girl Crush: Valentine’s Edition with Ashley Brooke

Girl Crush: Valentine’s Edition with Ashley Brooke
Ashley Brooke

Girl Crush: Valentine’s Edition with Ashley Brooke

Cupid Earrings

Our latest Loren Hope girl crush is the ever-so-stylish Ashley Brooke. We first met Ashley during the 73 Spring Street Pop-Up we did alongside Society Social and Inslee a few years ago in NYC. We hit it off and have been friends ever since. We are constantly inspired by Ashley's feminine, classic take on personal style, and love following her social media for her inspirational quotes and tips on daily life. Read on to get to know Ashley and her husband Ryan. 

LH: Describe your style!

AB: Girl next door meets old Hollywood, I think… although I’m forever working on it! ;)

LH: How many years have you been with your husband, Ryan?

AB: We’ve been married 5 ½ years, together 6 ½  :)

LH: How did you two meet?

AB: We actually met at church! And then Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law moved in next door to me and we became friends. Soon after, they were on a mission to set Ryan and I up… and the rest is history!

LH: Does Ryan work with you full time on your blog?

AB: Yes, and no! Ryan and I have been working together on the blog exclusively for the past 4 years. Ryan is also a consultant for influencer and affiliate marketing. Technically, he has two full time jobs, both of which he loves. I’m very lucky to have him so involved on the blog. 

LH: You two work so closely together. How do you keep work and life balanced?

AB: Ha! We are still working on that, and probably always will be. Some days we are really good at it and some days we just can’t get it together! Ha! It definitely ebbs and flows. So day-to-day it can be dicey, but one thing we’ve been pretty successful at is keeping bi-weekly date nights on the calendar. That way, no matter how busy we get, there’s always built in time to reconnect. And we do have the most important thing down - we put each other first, always.

LH: What are your favorite colors on one another?

AB: I love when Ryan wears blue and navy… it makes his eyes pop! And Ryan is always a big fan of the classic little black dress.

LH: What’s your favorite way to spend a date night?

AB: A good old fashioned night on the town! We love to get dressed up and go restaurant hopping! Popping into our favorite bar for a cocktail, then head to dinner at a restaurant, and after go out for coffee and dessert at a sweet shop. It’s like a progressive dinner… and honestly it’s really fun!

LH: Do you have a favorite recipe you love cooking together?

AB: We love cooking together and do it most nights as a way to unwind from the day. I’m not sure we have a favorite meal, but I love when Ryan is on grill or smoker duty and I’m in the kitchen whipping up a salad.

LH: Where’s the most romantic place you’ve ever been?

AB: Oh, Paris for sure. But we love a date night in NYC any chance we can get! There's something magical about the city at night.

LH: Say you have 10 minutes to get ready - What are your absolute essentials? (makeup, jewelry, etc)

AB: Oh gosh, okay… fill in my eyebrows, that is a must! Ha! Tinted moisturizer and a bit of blush, a good dusting of dry shampoo, and of course my rings!

LH: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

AB: We hope to have a happy home filled with little ones! Growing our businesses, and hopefully maybe a coffee shop/book store/flower shop… we’ve both always wanted one!

Follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleybrooke

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