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Article: Field of Dahlias: Inspiration Behind Our Fall 2018 Collection

Field of Dahlias: Inspiration Behind Our Fall 2018 Collection

Field of Dahlias: Inspiration Behind Our Fall 2018 Collection

I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful — an endless prospect of magic and wonder.” -- Ansel Adams

I lost myself again.  Fell back on my roots and in line with the sort of place my heart pines for.  I stepped out of the jewelry world and into the natural one, where I could count on clearing my head and finding beauty in the details. 

But yet again, those little details inspired a new slew of jewels.  

I’ve often touched on how the natural world influences my work.  Our recent Butterfly Series attempted to capture the beauty of transformation, each little jewel placed with nature’s fluttering friend in mind. 

Dahlia, flower, perennial, flower farm, inspiration, sustainable, sustainably grown, bouquet

The foundation for our Fall 2018 line originated from a trip to The Farmer’s Daughter in South Kingstown, RI, a haven for a whole swath of heavenly plants. Their fields of cut-your-own flowers are easy to get lost in, thick with the scent of daydreams and wanderlust. And on that particular day last fall one flower grabbed me, and with the onset of fall creeping closer, I’m reminded that the dahlias still haven’t let me go.  

Flower field, garden, gardening, flower power, foliage, eco, environment, green thumb, blossom

The flowers are some of the last to bloom, bursting wide with bright heads of hot fuchsia, sun-kissed coral, and sweet peach.  Their blossoms flittered with butterflies and zig-zagging beetles, little pops of color drunk on the summer’s last nectar. These flowers symbolize another transformation, when summer signs off for another year, when we are forced to say goodbye to long summer nights, but are gifted with the opportunity to explore a whole new wardrobe. 

The Fall 2018 line is my attempt to capture that day in the garden, paying homage to the drama of the dahlia, to take their magic and wonder and let them shine once summer slips off.  You’ll find the collection bejeweled with iridescent wings of flying insects, chockfull of diverse dahlia hues, studded with smiling blossoms, each little detail intended to rouse the bohemian flower child in all of us. 

Dahlia flower, rhode island horticulture, zone 2, agriculture, gardening, natural world, beauty, nature, natural beauty, coral, salmon pink, fuchsia, fall flower, perennial, late bloom

So step into our world of wonder, where flower power is celebrated, wandering the open world is encouraged, and daydreaming is the fuel that drives us forward.  

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