Behind The Scenes In Hawaii: The SS16 Collection


The newest season of Loren Hope is so full of colorful sparkle it’s hard not to get lost in the stunning imagery and gorgeous designs featured in the latest look book. But what you may not see is all the preparation, research and hard work that goes into creating a cohesive collection that excites and inspires. What starts as a simple idea blossoms into wearable art. Here’s a peek behind the scenes with Loren, from start to finish, of the SS16 collection.

Vintage Fashion Magazines

1. What sparked the inspiration for this collection?

I was flipping through a 1960’s fashion magazine, McCall’s,  and a flooring advertisement featuring a Hawaiian Lanai caught my eye. I looked at it and thought, “Hawaii could be really fun.”
hawaii hibiscus flower
2. Do you start with one piece or do you envision an entire collection when you’re designing?
I pick the color palette first, then individual pieces start coming to life. I typically start with one design and then it slowly evolves into more pieces in a family. I’m often amazed at what happens once inspiration strikes. The Eden collection began with these funky lattice shapes and then blossomed into multiple pieces from there.
3. How do you pick a color palette?
I am very responsive to and intuitive with color. It’s important that not only the colors follow my inspiration, but that the colors are also fashionable at the time. In the case of this new collection, I pulled colors from Hawaiian botanicals that I felt also complimented one another.
Loren Hope Hawaii Pineapple Suneglasses
4. How do you feel your designs have changed/evolved since the last collection?
Each season I try to do something new and explore a new territory in construction. The challenge excites me. Each piece has nuances that have to be worked out, so in a way, each new piece can have its hurdles. This collection, I explored a hand-painted technique on the metal to create a two-tone effect on some of the pieces. The result is a glowing matte gold against black pavé areas. I think it gives the pieces dimension and brings out their architectural lines. This collection is more feminine and more colorful than my last. Overall, I’m really happy.
VW Van

The 1977 VW van, “Mango” we used as a mobile changing room.

5. What was your favorite thing about Hawaii?
That’s hard. I’d say the incredible scenery. Driving along the road with the Pacific ocean on one side and these insane mountains on the other. It felt like being another planet. Also, the shrimp trucks along the North Shore. SO good!
shrimp truck, oahu, hawaii

Shrimp Shack, one of the many shrimp trucks along the North Shore

6. Any tips for those planning a trip to Oahu? 
Rent a house and a car somewhere out of the city if you want something low key. It’s an island, so you can’t get lost. Wander around and bring your bathing suit and a towel in case you find a cove you can’t resist. Get ramen in Honolulu at Lucky Belly. Pull over and watch the incredible pounding waves of the North Shore. Take the drive from the south west part of the island up along the highway to the North Shore for the most amazing views.  Talk to the locals – they always recommend hidden gems!

Aloha and Mahalo, Hawaii! Until next time…


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