A Mother's Love: Ali Shares Her Grandmother's Memory through Butterflies

Loren: I started following Ali on Instagram long before we ever met. Her warm, bubbly personality is always a welcome site when she pops into the studio to say hello. Ali began collecting our one of a kind butterflies from The Butterfly Series when we first began the series, and has continued since. I asked Ali to share a little more into why she feels compelled to bring our jeweled creatures into her and her family's home...
Ali: In June 1996, I lost my grandmother, Rosemarie, after a 33-year battle with Parkinson's Disease. I was only 11 when she passed, but my Nana has had an enormous impact on my life. During her final days, she told my mother that she would visit us after she was gone -- in the form of birds and butterflies. It was a small gesture of comfort for those who loved her, but it was one I will always treasure. Butterflies seem to magically appear the happiest (and hardest) days of my life.
Twenty years after she left us, a new Rose joined our family. We named our daughter after the tenacious beauty she was never able to meet. Rosie has always had a fascination with butterflies, including the Kacey Musgraves song by the same name. 
When Loren started making these stunning specimens, I was immediately entranced. I have always admired her jewelry, but these butterflies as a true work of art. My first butterfly flew into the house in late 2018, followed by a kaleidoscope of others. (Fun fact: a kaleidoscope is a group of butterflies!) My children are so enamored with these butterflies that each asked for one of their own. Their special butterflies are pictured here. One day, I hope these butterflies appear in special places like in Rose's bridal bouquet or a future grandchild's room.

Our Loren Hope butterflies brighten our lives, even on the gloomiest winter days. They offer a visual reminder of my grandmother, whose strength continues to inspire me. Sharing these brilliant creatures with my children helps me to keep their great-grandmother's memory alive. The glory is that their beauty will not fade with the years. From their clear perches, they witness our lives and add a touch of sparkle, when we need it most.

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