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With the holiday season upon us, we asked a few of our favorite style mavens to talk holiday traditions, the perfect red lipstick (we now have four new shades on our list to try) and their favorite ways to accessorize for the season. Read on to see what these fabulous ladies are excited about for the holidays.


The always stylish DYI Queen and mom to @tyrionpuff the cat, New York City-based Grace Atwood chats with us about what gets her excited for the holiday season.

LH: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

G: Christmas! But only because this year my whole family will be together… it gets tricky coordinating schedules as my two sisters are married!

LH: What’s your favorite dish for the holidays?

G: That’s so hard! I would probably say my mom’s popovers, which is a side, but they are just so good. And I always look forward to my dad’s lamb on Christmas morning.

LH: Do you have a go-to red lipstick for the holidays?

G: Easy! Nars Heat Wave.

LH: And your favorite holiday tradition?

G: My parents have a restaurant and have to work Christmas Eve. Once things wind down, we go out into the restaurant and have a late dinner together… and drink my grandfather’s (famous—at least on Cape Cod) eggnog. I look forward to that dinner (and the eggnog) all year long.

LH: Any holiday style tips to share?

G: My personal style is pretty classic, but I love using sparkly pieces (especially an oversized statement necklace) to dress them up. Try a sparkly necklace under the collar of a plaid shirt, or pairing two similar (in hue) but different (in length) statement necklaces together for something more dramatic.


Grace wears the Lorelai Pearl Collar and Chloe Double Row Stud Earrings


If you’ve ever looked for a bar cart, then Roxy Te needs no introduction. Founder of Society Social, she handles design and decor like a boss! Read on for her fave ways to wear the holiday spirit.

LH: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

R: Thanksgiving. Yum!

LH: Do you have a favorite red lipstick for the holidays?

R: NARS Dragon Girl.

LH: Favorite holiday cocktail (we’re sure you have a good one!)

R: Gin & Tonic forever, but throw in a splash of bubbly and lemon—AKA the French 75!

LH: Favorite holiday tradition?

R: At our Christmas brunch, my mom gifts each one of us a handmade ornament. I’ve kept every one since I was a little girl. She hopes that one day when we have families of our own, we’ll have a keepsake collections of ornaments from our childhood to share with our children.

LH: Any holiday style tips to share?

R: The sparklier, the better. When it comes to jewelry, layer it up. You can’t go wrong!


Roxy wears the Arista Petite Necklace in Grey Opal, the Sylvia Necklace in Ice Blue, our signature Carly Bracelet, and classic Sarra Cuff in Ice Blue


As stylish as she is sweet, New Orleans-based beauty Jenn Palpallatoc shares what she’s looking forward to this month…

LH: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

J: Thanksgiving.

LH: Favorite red lipstick for the holidays?

J: Urban Decay After Dark.

LH: Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?

J: Visiting all four sets of our families all in one day, just like the movie Four Christmases!

LH: Any holiday style tips to share?

J: I love wearing my Loren Hope Chloe Studs with turtlenecks because they instantly add that glam factor and put a twist on warm and cozy looks. I also love stacking on my jeweled bracelets and the Tri Tassel Necklace with simple black dresses.


Jenn wears the Tri Tassel Necklace, Tri Ear Jackets, Marley Cuff in Brass and Silver, Alex Mini Cuff bracelet, and stackable Clara Mini Bracelets.


Queen of Prep, Connecticut-based Julia Dzafic talks her go-to holiday cocktail and favorite traditions.

LH: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

J: Thanksgiving all the way. So much less pressure!

LH: Do you have a favorite red lipstick for the holidays?

J: Mac Russian Red.

LH: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

J: The night before Christmas Eve, my family always hosts “pizza night” where we (you guessed it!) make pizzas and drink lots of wine. It always becomes a competition for the best recipe. Wait until you see what I have up my sleeve this year!

LH: Go-to holiday cocktail?

J: I make an Old Fashioned with squeezed juice from a clementine and a clementine rind.

LH: Favorite holiday dish?

J: Pecan Pie for days. My aunt makes it with dark chocolate chips and it’s divine.

LH: Any holiday style tips to share?

J: Mix and match your plaids! Try a Buffalo check clutch with a plaid oxford shirt or a gingham oxford with a plaid blanket scarf. Add a bit of sparkle and it does the trick every time.


Julia wears the Waverly Necklace and customer-favorite Abba Earrings in Crystal


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