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Plaid & Lace


Style Tips from Jess from Prosecco & Plaid:

One of my favorite things about personal style is pairing pieces together that you might not expect. Two things I love, plaid and lace, may seem like an unlikely match, but together they have a playfulness and edgy yet feminine vibe (much like the Loren Hope collection). Taking the same approach with these necklaces, the Carson choker and the Hex Cascade Necklace, I took two pieces that stand alone beautifully and put them together to make a statement. While they are both gorgeous alone, they also compliment each other really well, as do all of the pieces in the latest LH collection. Don’t be afraid to try something different the next time you’re getting dressed for work or a date night, it’s those times when you do something a little unexpected that can have the biggest impact. But most importantly, wear what makes you feel beautiful AND comfortable, because if those two things are in check, nothing else matters.

The Jewels: Carson Choker // Hex Cascade Necklace // Small Sarra Cuff in Jet // Marley Cuff in Brass

The Clothing: Plaid Flannel Button Down // Lace Skirt // Converse // Sunglasses // Rose Gold Watch







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