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An Interview with Loren: Behind the Designs for the Mod Mermaid Collection

Loren Hope // SS 15: Mod Mermaid

Deep Sea Dreamer: Jewels from the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Q: What was the inspiration that drove you to design the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection?

A: My aesthetic was originally inspired by the sea. It’s goes hand in hand with warmer weather. I started thinking about sea creatures and when mermaids crossed my mind I had an ah hah moment.


Mod Mermaid: Behind the scenes during the lookbook photoshoot at The Viceroy Hotel, Miami

 Q: Do you envision the Mod Mermaid as someone real or fictional?

A: She’s a fantasy come to life. It’s an attitude – The modern day mermaid is graceful, soft and feminine, a dreamer … but don’t cross her – she knows who she is, will stand up to anyone and is not afraid to bite back.

 Wandering the Art Deco District, South Beach, Miami

Q: What did you love most about Miami?

A: Aside from the fact that it was warm while Rhode Island was below freezing, The Wynwood Art District and the Art Deco district contained some of my favorite sights. The street art at Wynwood was completely inspiring and just so cool. The Art Deco district is wonderfully nostalgic and still buzzing with activity.


As seen in the lookbook: The Wynwood Building

Q: What is your favorite piece in the collection and why?

A: I love the Venus studs. I never thought I’d be so in love with shell elements in jewelry… but I believe nature is the best artist and the abalone is mesmerizing. The triangles feel modern and the pave detail feels sophisticated. They are great every day earrings.

Loren Barham of Loren Hope shooting on location - The Viceroy, Miami

Taking a break from shooting: Loren looking at her photos for the lookbook

 Q: Do you feel this collection has helped you to progress as a designer, and if so, how?

A: For sure. One of my biggest struggles as a designer is having feelings of self-doubt at times… “Is this good enough?”… “I love it, but will someone else?”  I think as a creative, you have to open yourself up to that kind of vulnerability. Putting your ideas and art out there for others to judge. I’m always striving to be a better designer, to deliver something better than I have before. Sometimes I torment myself but I think a lot of artists experience similar feelings. I’m happy with the collection and feel that we finished strong with a look book that I’m really proud of!

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