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Moving Day Ipsum (Test)

We’ve been a little quiet lately across social media and here on the blog. That’s because behind the scenes, over the holidays (as if we weren’t busy enough) we packed up our offices and relocated to a new (old) mill in East Greenwich, RI. Before we started packing, I insisted on taking a few pictures of the studio before it ended up in boxes.
This space, while only there for a year, has been so special to me in many ways. It was my first dedicated creative space – a place created solely for designing and developing ideas. A huge milestone for me as an artist and entrepreneur. My very good friend and colleague Sara Kate Huff helped me with designing the studio and it emulated my taste perfectly. A mix of old and new, masculine and feminine.
As sad as I was to close the door one last time… gushing at that gorgeous northerly light I’ll never see again- I’m excited to watch the new year unfold. We are growing as a company and needed more space. Something I’ll could never be sad about. I am so thankful for our wonderful customers, friends, families, vendors, the entire LH team and everyone else that understands, supports and shares my vision for Loren Hope. It’s about so much more than jewelry. It’s about the story it tells. The hands that have put it together, the heritage of craftsmanship, the history of the industry here, and it’s mostly about being inspired. Inspiration, after all, is what has brought me here.
Stay tuned for Part II – where we reveal our newly decorated space. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and you’re bound to see some sneak peeks.
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